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London for business

London has been open for people, open for finance and open for business for centuries. It has particular attractions for people to live, study and work and it is well established as the financial centre of the world.

As a result many businesses have chosen to conduct their business through London. In recent decades, however, London has become the city of choice from where to conduct your business.

The reasons are quite simple:

1. The most prestigious location in the world;
2. Unparalleled facilities for exporters and investors; and
3. Low taxation

Single Click Solutions can offer you business incorporation services for a company startup or for a subsidiary or a branch of an offshore entity, registered offices in London, regulatory compliance, company secretarial services, accountancy services, legal and tax advice, drafting of commercial agreements, intellectual property protection, advice on marketing and exporting your products and services and a host of other services tailor-made to your requirements.

The Right Climate for business
London is the smartest city in the world. Services work here, from transport, to telecommunications to business support. The many frustrations that businesses experience in other countries are simply non-existent here. Government and institutions work in partnership to meet business needs and bring prosperity to the people that own them and work for them.

Export and Investment
Businesses operating from the UK have the outstanding support of UK Trade and Investment, a British Government agency set-up to facilitate inward investment and exports. More information is available from:


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